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Get More Ezine Subscribers Fast, Easy and Free!

Author: Erum Zehra
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Are you an aspiring or new ezine publisher? Do you keep wondering how you can possibly increase your subscriber base? Have you spent hours submitting to ezine directories with no results? Don’t worry because there are ways in which you can build your subscriber base with little effort and guaranteed results.

In this article we will explore free and easy methods of building a subscriber base. So if you were afraid to start an ezine because you didn’t know how to promote it, don’t worry any more. Just try the resources that this article suggests:

1) Free Ads for Subscribers

If you are willing to offer one ad to every subscriber who joins your ezine, you can grow your subscriber base manifolds in a short time. If you have a start-up ezine, chances are that you will have a lot of advertising space available in your ezine. This can be used effectively to gain more subscribers.

All you have to do is join a few ezine co-op programs. These programs offer ezine advertising for a very low rate to clients. In exchange, the advertisers must join all the ezines that run their ads.

When someone orders an ad through an ezine co-op, you will be forwarded their email address and ad. You can directly add the email address to your ezine and run the ad.

This method will definitely deliver subscribers to you. Depending on the number and popularity of the co-ops you join, you can add up to 50 or more subscribers to your ezine in a month!!

You may worry that these subscribers will leave after you run their ad in your ezine. The truth is that it is entirely up to you to get these people hooked up to your ezine. If you continue to provide useful information and good offers, the chances are high that they will stay.

Visit the following link for a full list of ezine co-ops: List of Co-ops.
Most of the co-ops approve the ezines manually, so make sure that you join as many as possible.

2) Pop Ups

Another method, which is becoming very popular, is popup subscription windows. These pop ups contain a list of ezines with a four or five word description of each ezine and ask your site visitor to subscribe.

When you join the program you are given a code of the popup window. You place the code of the popup on the page on which you want it to be seen. Every time a visitor exits this page, the window is displayed on it and you earn four exposures in the system. This means that the sites of all the participating members will be advertising your ezine. This will definitely help you get more subscribers.

Most pop up programs charge a high fee for membership. The following popup subscription groups are free to join:

3) Ezine Directories

Another method is submitting to ezine directories. There are people out there who are looking for information on specific topics. If the topic of your ezine interests them, they will subscribe to it. To make it easy for them to find you, you need to be listed in various ezine directories. Moreover, getting your website listed in these directories will increase your link popularity. This will lead to higher search engine rankings which is an invaluable benefit.

4) Ad Swaps

This method is not so new, but is easy and free to use. You exchange ads with other ezine publishers to promote your ezine. Make sure to carefully write your ad so that it gets a good response. Also, be prepared to run the ad of ezines with a higher subscriber base several times.

You can join the following lists to find ezines who will swap ads with you:

Most of these methods are free, easy to employ and get results. If you have a low number of subscribers, make sure you try out each of the methods listed above. The results you get will depend entirely on the effort you are willing to make. Remember, once you have a large and loyal subscriber base, you can reap the enormous benefits that come with having a reputable ezine.

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