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About BizTalk4U Consulting

The Company

BizTalk4U Consulting was formed in October 2000. Ever since its inception, we have dedicated ourselves to helping small businesses, and have served many satisfied clients (View Portfolio). The idea of BizTalk4U Consulting was conceived after the realization of the following facts:

  • People require information on how to start and promote an online business.
  • Many small online businesses are failing, due to lack of proper web content.
  • Many business websites fail to communicate effectively with their customers.

The Founder

BizTalk4U Consulting is owned by Erum Zehra, who is an MBA with a major in Marketing. She has written various informative articles on Internet Marketing, and is an accomplished ezine publisher. She specializes in creating web content which is both visitor and search engine friendly.

Our Mission

BizTalk4U Consulting is dedicated to helping small businesses create and maintain a rewarding and effective online presence, by offering them opportunities and options for web site enhancement.

Our Services

A business web site must be well organized, easy to navigate, interesting for visitors and focused on its intended purpose. We help your web site attain these goals through Web Site Assessment

It is also essential for a business web site to be able to communicate its purpose in an effective manner to its customers. We provide you with professional Web Site Copy that is specifically suited to your needs. Please visit our new web writing website at Ace Web Content.